Digital Twin Smart Solutions

For Construction Management, IoT Systems Control
& Facility Management

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A complete digital property ecosystem


From design, through the construction process to the interior arrangement. Access to BIM and as-built history documentation. Before-after compare view. Communication for teams and stakeholders.


Cloud based all data container, with easy web-access to all types of assets related to the building. From blueprints, 3D geometry and scans to documents and multi-media.


Secure and fast access to building intelligence. Maintenance timeline scheduling. Issues, and task reporting. Interior design planning.


Many vendors synchronized in one place with secure and easy access to device data. Visual presentation of device activity and settings with monitoring of energy consumption.

Digital Twin solutions for construction & facility management

SIMLAB technology gives the user, in one place, access to the entire digital ecosystem associated with a property, from design, construction, arrangement, day-to-day maintenance and ongoing operation, to renovation and sale.


STAGES – Spanning from design, through the construction phase, to interior layout finalization. Utilization of Building Information Modeling (BIM) and records of historical as-built documentation. Side-by-side comparison of pre- and post-transformation perspectives. Facilitated communication among teams and involved parties.


SIM-ON – A versatile digital twin platform, harnessing the Matterport model to create a dynamic 3D visual interface. This solution integrates seamlessly with IoT and building automation systems, enabling effective asset management and facility maintenance. Designed for both residential and commercial purposes.

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