About us

Actual View is a technology solutions company for digitizing physical spaces. We help with Immersive & Engaging “Digital Showings” of real spaces that are closest to their most natural look & feel. A “Digital Showing” is way to experience a real space as if you are actually there; over the internet from anywhere in the world. They are the new form of Interaction & exploration through highly Immersive Digital Imagery. “Digital Showings” can act as a great Story-telling tool, further also assisting your sales & marketing activities as well.

Actual View is also a “Google Trusted Agency” for Quality publishing of 360° Photographs & Virtual Tours to Google Maps, Google Business View, G+ & other online mediums.

We cater to industries like – Real Estate, Hospitality, Interior Design, Art, Architecture & Construction, Retail, Leisure & Luxury etc. In a way we help Organization’s to harness the power of Visual Marketing, by delivering media content that is –

  1. Highly Engaging, Immersive & Interactive.
  2. Quick & Easy to Access without the need of any special players / apps (Strictly NO frills).
  3. Social Media Compatible & Virtual Reality (VR) Ready.
  4. Helping to Increase Visibility, Attracting more footfalls & Boost Conversions.