Enhancing IoT control and facility management through digital twin integration

Explore a new solution for smart system control and building maintenance, utilizing an interactive 3D interface.
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Elevate every property with a digital twin immersion

Fueled by our enthusiasm for the Internet of Things and spatial visualizations, we’ve pioneered the integration of digital twin technology into a fresh paradigm of building management.

A system for centralized control of all hardware vendors

  • Consolidated vendor integration in a single hub
  • Intuitive and user-friendly 3D interface
  • Secure and effortless access to device data
  • Visual representation of device activity and configuration

A repository for the administration of all property data

  • Accurate spatial device mapping
  • Comprehensive data compilation: devices, equipment, materials, gadgets
  • Inclusion of photos, videos, and documents
  • Diverse categories for intuitive administration

A toolkit for facility management and all maintenance operations

  • Scheduling and supervision of facility maintenance tasks
  • Real-time 3D facility inspections
  • Customizable activity timeline graphs
  • Seamless integration with preferred news and widgets
  • Hassle-free issue reporting via task manager

Need help to choose the right product and plan that aligns with your requirements

Upcoming objectives

Upcoming feature enhancement to empower SIM-ON
Monitor the movement of individuals, pets, and objects within the premises
Aligning 3D product models from online stores with the apartment’s digital twin
Effortless device control and information viewing via smartphone camera
Seamless integration of various standards, such as Matter, to ensure comprehensive smart home system compatibility
Facilitate asset exchange between facility equipment database and other management software
Content protection through the intranet-based offline solution

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