Time travel through the history of your building

A sophisticated platform designed for monitoring construction progress and facilitating seamless cross-sector communication. It offers convenient access to comprehensive digital twin documentation throughout every phase of the building’s life cycle.
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Know how work is done

Leveraging Matterport digital twins and BIM as its core components, STAGES enhances management procedures leading to transparency and facilitating communication within construction projects.

Timeline for collaboration & documentation

Integrates comprehensive documentation encompassing Matterport 360 spaces, BIM, 3D models, and 2D blueprints. Empowers both on-site and off-site teams with construction data, presenting a chronological overview. Facilitates immediate and secure access to intricate documentation for all involved stakeholders.

Compare View in split-screen mode

Facilitates effortless observation and juxtaposition of consecutive scans for any property, with flexible frequency. Offers a side-by-side perspective for contrasting as-built Matterport scans, providing a realistic representation, alongside the originally designed BIM data. This is achieved through synchronized visualization, employing a split-screen effect for enhanced comparison.

Communication for all stakeholders​

Provides remote monitoring of construction progress while equipping stakeholders with tools to annotate, report, and resolve issues. The entire sequence is recorded within STAGES, forming a comprehensive historical log documentation for the property’s complete history.

Transform the way of work

Elevates field-to-office teams by introducing clarity and efficiency to construction management tasks that traditionally have been intricate, time-intensive, and prone to errors.

  • Enhanced project management
  • Elevated precision
  • Seamless collaboration across locations
  • Enhanced communication among project teams
  • Constant accessibility to information

Need help to choose the right product and plan that aligns with your requirements

Digital Twin – instant access to building insights

Generate digital representations of a facility throughout its construction, renovation, or utilization phases, accessible to both end customers and a broad professional community.


Decrease travel time and cost​

by removing the need for site visits.


Work faster

less time to complete projects when teams can access a property anytime and from anywhere.


Reduce carbon emissions

by eliminating the need for car and plane travel to operate more sustainably.

Effective project management within an organization

Multi-tiered access permissions for co-workers and collaborators. Public link for effortless sharing with customers and stakeholders.

Who needs STAGES?

Ideal for comprehensive construction and real estate enterprise needs, as well as catering to private clients seeking thorough documentation for individual investments.

Two solutions

Specialized variations of STAGES tailored for distinct field and office operations.

Web platform​

  • Handy tool for communication and easy access to facility documentation
  • Dedicated to laptops and mobile devices
  • For remote, construction site use
  • Low hardware requirements
  • Works with Matterport 360 showcase

Desktop application​

  • Professional platform for construction management
  • Dedicated to desktop computers
  • For home & office standalone use
  • Higher hardware requirements for full spectrum of advanced features
  • Works with Matterport 360 showcase blueprints & 3D geometry

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